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Op Zee 

Baby puppet theater

Click on the puppets to view more photos!

A unique theater show in collaboration with Lena Stael Kohut from KUKULU made especially for very young children, ages 3-18 months. We provide the opportunity for the babies' first aural and visual experience while bonding with mom and/or dad.  Come join us and the sailors on our magical exploration of the sea!

Watch our trailer below!

Suite is a collaboration created in September 2017 between guitarist Marco Papa and clarinettist AnnaMarie Ignarro. Both musicians explore the worlds of improvised music and the avant-garde. This project combines original compositions with moments - abstracts, of improvisation, allowing the music to develop itself in a continuum. The four compositions capture moments and pose introspective questions concerning what it means to be human and their corresponding behaviours. The abstracts however, are concepts developed through the parameters of musicality, timbre and texture.

Preserve the Necessary Beauty

The duo project Preserve the Necessary beauty is a collaboration with the visual artist Hallveig Ágústsdóttir. Using each of our own personal extractions as inspiration from the unique layout of nature in Iceland and Italy (respectively), a dialogue emerges between two worlds within a shared space. 
The sounds of the clarinet blending with the drawing’s imagery - colours, layers, melodies, lines, and other surprises - invite the visitor to experience Hallveig’s and AnnaMarie’s perceptions of nature’s beauty.


Arbol is an experience-oriented performance created and performed by AnnaMarie Ignarro and Hanne Poullet developed for people with a disability.

Where dance and music unite...

and sight, smell, touch, sound and interaction provide us the opportunity to create a safe and awe-inspiring environment where everyone is welcomed.

For more information please visit our website.

 Duo Sueño Espectral 

Duo Sueño Espectral is a collaboration with harpist Bob Heuvelmans (NL) which presents harp and clarinet music from the 20th century. Their repertoire includes both original works for harp and clarinet as well as transcriptions in order to create a variety of sounds for the audience. From the unique harmonic language of Francis Poulenc to the complex rhythms of Carlos Michans and back to the sweet sensuous tango style of Astor Piazzolla - this is sure to be an unpredictably enjoyable program!

Histoire du Tango: Bordel-1900: Astor Piazzolla

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